Slip ‘n Dip Podcast – Episode 97 w/ Sodiq Yusuff, Max Griffin, & Burt Watson

On this episode, Kendrick & Matt speak with UFC Featherweight contender Sodiq Yusuff, UFC Welterweight contender Max Griffin, and the legendary Burt Watson!

First up Sodiq speaks on his emergence into the UFC, the Nigerian wave of fighters having success in the Octagon, and his excitement for Game of Thrones.

Next Max Griffin speaks on his satisfying win at UFC 236 and allowing himself to enjoy the moment for a minute before getting back to work in hopes of fighting on the upcoming Sacramento card.

Last but certainly not least is the legendary Burt Watson aka “the babysitter to the stars” who joins the show to discuss taking on the role of a fight promoter, the story of how he came up with the idea to put red & blue tape on the MMA fighter’s gloves, and some insight on how to move behind the scenes to stay successful in a crazy mma environment.

Slip 'n Dip

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