Slip ‘n Dip Podcast – Episode 101 w/ Andrea “KGB” Lee, Caleb Plant, & Jared Cannonier

Back at it with three guests this week!

First up, Andrea Lee returns to the show to discuss her upcoming bout against Montana de la Rosa – why she feels she’ll win the fight and also why she wish she didn’t get matched up with her so soon. Also, for the first time in an interview, Andrea addresses the recent news of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s arrest and what that means for her and her family.

Next, we speak with Caleb Plant, the IBF Super Middleweight Champion, who is scheduled to take on Mike Lee which headlines the FOX card on July 20, before Pac-Thurman. “Sweethands” speaks on his undefeated career, facing tougher competition than others in his class, and why he will continue to elevate his status as an elite boxer using the platform he’s been given.

Last but not least, Jared Cannonier returns to the show to bring some laughs, speak on his win over Anderson Silva, the experience in Brazil dealing with the hostile fans, the new fight news he received just before the interview, and why he wants the winner of Adesanya vs Whittaker.

Matthew Wells

Slip 'n Dip Podcast co-host, artist, designer, writer, editor, the list goes on | Follow Twitter & IG: @mrmwellsart

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