Slip ‘n Dip Podcast #102 – It’s a Challenging Game w/ Nelson Thomas aka “Nelly T” & Steven “The Warman” Wright

On this episode, Kendrick & Matt are joined by two fantastic guests in the public eye.

First up, we have Nelson Thomas aka Nelly T, a reality TV star from shows like MTV’s The Challenge and Ex on the Beach. Nelly T speaks on his experiences living in a reality TV setting versus the real world, the adjustments that go along with balancing the two, and some of the drama that goes on during a season which parallels that of fighters on shows like The Ultimate Fighter.

Next up, a good friend of the show Steven Wright returns to discuss the fallout of UFC 238, the state of the divisions, his upcoming 2nd Fighting Words Promotions show on June 22 in Fort Worth, Texas, and a lot more!

Matthew Wells

Slip 'n Dip Podcast co-host, artist, designer, writer, editor, the list goes on | Follow Twitter & IG: @mrmwellsart

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