Jorge Masvidal sets UFC record with five-second KO of Ben Askren

Jorge Masvidal served up a lot more than a three piece with the soda tonight. In his own words, he delivered “the whole MGM Grand buffet,” to Ben Askren.

In what was dubbed as UFC 239’s People’s Main Event on social media, Masvidal wasted little time getting the job done. It only took five seconds (officially) for Masvidal to shut off the lights on Askren. The very first strike of the fight was a flying knee which landed clean as Askren tried to shoot in on the charging Masvidal.


Askren was out before his body his the canvas. Masvidal made sure the job was done as he got off two more hard right hands to the lifeless body of Askren before the referee could stop the carnage.

Masvidal, who was very vocal in the lead up about not liking Askren, immediately went to taunting. After being pushed off, he started tapping the mat right next to Askren’s head to count him out, then got up and re-enacted Askren’s body seizing up.

We have a new fastest knockout in the Ultimate Fighting Championship officially recorded at five seconds. The previous owner of the fastest knockout was Duane “Bang” Ludwig at six seconds with his KO of Jonathan Goulet. That knockout was officially recorded at eleven seconds due to a timekeeping error, but UFC President Dana White would officially acknowledge the time change years later at Ludwig’s request.

If he really, really wanted to, Masvidal could make a fuss about the time keeping tonight as well. The knee landed three seconds into the fight and Askren was completely asleep.

Masvidal improves to 34-13 in his professional career and takes home a $50,000 Fight Night bonus as well as the new UFC record.

Cover photo: Jim Edwards

Matthew Wells

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